Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Savannah just a short note.

This has been and interesting trip so far 2 days on the road to get to Savannah from Michigan. Aiden slept 2 1/2 hours ing two days. He is a terrible traveler and we are about to pull out our hair. We ate dinner at Paula Deens Resturant the Lady and Sons we tried to get in for lunch but were not able to get in til 5pm they seated us up on the 3rd floor. You have to take the elevator up. Aiden pushed the phone button on the elevator which called the Savannah Fire Department. They called to see if we needed help in the elevator we assured them that everything was fine that the baby just pushed the phone button.

The next day in the hotel room Aiden dialed the furnace/ac in the room all the way up without us realizing it and in about 1 minute we started to smell something burning and realized he turned the heat all the way up and the heat has probably never been on in Savannah where the temperature is 95 degrees. So you know how the furnace smells when you first start it for the season. Well our room smelled horrible like burning dust and hair which caused the fire alarm to go off at the hotel. So I am standing there waving a pillow at the fire alarm trying to get it to stop

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