Sunday, September 13, 2009

Up at the Lake Labor Day Weekend 2009

This is the quilt I was working on up at the Lake Labor Day Weekend I only finished 8 blocks up there the power went out the first night we were there so I was not able to sew. I have finished the remaining blocks throughout the week. I am deciding on block placement and if I will make more blocks this is for the wonky log cabin quilt along on flicker with Quilt Dad.

The boys were having a great time splashing and dunking one another on the last trip out to the lake. The boat is being pulled out for the winter today and it is the last chance to enjoy the water.
My grandson spent the whole afternoon climbing up and down the ladder that is his new favorite thing to do.

We took Cooper out to the lake to see if he would like it. He really does not like it in the water but the boat ride was ok.

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